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Who Tips the Hotel Maid?

Posted by Dana

I do.  I have friends who even question why I tip.  I grew up seeing my dad leave tips while on vacation and I thought what a nice gesture. Waitresses, bartenders, and valets get tipped why not the hotel maid?

My burning question at the end of stay is do I track down the nice, smiling lady who greeted me each each morning as I left my hotel room to give her her tip, or do I leave it up to chance and her tip possibly goes to the crummy woman who scowled at me when I requested an extra face cloth on the last morning of my stay?

I did a bit of research and found that one should tip DAILY in the event the chambermaid changes each day.  So don’t wait until the last day of your stay and leave the big bucks for the final day  –  spread it out evenly.  Speaking of big bucks, it is proper to tip only in cash and not the spare change you bring back from your day of fun.  $1-2 a night will suffice, and couple of dollars a night more if you are living it up in a luxury hotel.  It goes without saying to put the money in an obvious place and properly mark it as a tip for the chambermaid.

This little bit of info will definitely come in handy on my next hotel stay.  And if you are one of those people still questioning ‘why tip?’,  I’ll leave you with a little ditty about a good friend’s mom.   This woman was a school teacher, mother will two little kids going through a nasty divorce.  She told me how money became so tight she had to take a second job and work as a chambermaid at a hotel in the evenings and on weekends.  Your toes would cringe at the things she had to clean up, touch, and guests she had to deal with.  I would have never thought that she was one of the ‘faceless’ maids that we seldom acknowledge in the halls when leaving our rooms.  It’s because of seeing the example of my dad and remembering ‘Mom’s’ experience is why I tip and happy to do. You never know how that extra bit of money will affect your loving chambermaid who cleans up your room with care.

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