Thank you for checking out We Sleep Around. Logging my travel activities as well as my friends' experiences is more than just a hobby, I use it as an escape to look back on memories made and as a springboard to where my dreams will take me next.

If you're stopping by to say hi, have a question, or interested in one of our services listed below, please send a note with your inquiry and I'll be in touch.


  • Property Visits: Our goal is to help travelers find the perfect hotel match, hence the 'Is it For You?' reviews. Sure we can always give the traditional review of a property, but from personal experience I want to know if a hotel or bed and breakfast fits my best interests - and that's the approach taken when sharing information on We Sleep Around. Does your hotel target foodies, fashionistas or families? Does your hotel target foodies, fashionistas or families? We'll let folks know through a :30 - :60 sizzle reel of our stay, a blog post and social media interaction during our visit. Contact us for rates.
  • Social Sleep Overs: Need a quick hit to promote your property or product? We'll put you on blast via our social media networks featuring daily mentions and promotions. Our Social Sleep Overs are affordable promotions that won't bust your online marketing budget .
  • Freelance Writing: Looking for a travel or lifestyle writer? Need article ideas? No worries! We have writers on hand to help with any content your blog or publication may need.
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