My blog started in my heart during my childhood way before modern technology. The closest thing we had back then, were diaries, where I shared all of my adventures, dramas, and dreams.

Many of those diary entries were about time I spent with my grandmother who introduced me to the joy of exploring the world outside of the comforts of the four corners of home.

At age 13, my grandma, surprised my cousin (who was also the same age) and I with a two week trip to Europe. The trip itienerary was essentially two known bookends: we land in Paris, and we fly out of Rome, anything in between was our story to be written.The three of us were on a day-to-day adventure, making decisions on what city was next on our course by how we felt in the morning.  What freedom! This trip took us from Paris to London, Zurich, Venice and finally Rome.  Our vacation quickly ignited in me a love for travel and hotels began representing tiny treasures you find as your comforted escape, no matter how brief the time of stay.  This trip was the single greatest gift her and my grandfather gave me, as my wonder for the world was born.

We Sleep Around (what a fun name, hunh?) is the extension of that diary where I can still share my travel adventures, dramas, and dreams through this platform.  I am also fortunate to have friends who travel to fantastic places, who take pictures just for me to share with you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I hope you enjoy my little ‘sleeper’ of a blog.




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